Roster of the First Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. D

Contributed by  Steven Howieson
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The following is a roster of the Regimental Field and Staff offices and Company D of the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. This roster comes from a doument a little over 18 by 22 inches in size, entitled “Soldier’s Memorial”.  The roster is surrounded by artwork and was copyrighted in 1898 by Fuller Brothers of Buffalo, New York and printed at Jacksonville, Florida by the DA Costa Printing House. The names appears down the center of the roster.

This particular copy of the roster was found among the papers of Charles Churchill who served with this company. Churchill probably obtained the roster while stationed at Jacksonville, Florida's Camp Cuba Libre.

Company D was mustered into service at Camp Harvey, Wisconsin.

The Roster:

Regimental Officers:

Field and Staff Officers:

Colonel, Samuel P. Schadel
Lieut. Colonel, Charles S Young
Maj., George H. Joachim
Maj., Daniel A. Stearns
Maj., John J. Lynch
Adjutant, 1st Lieut. Oscar R. Olson
Batt. Adjt., 1st Lieut, Frank A. Sullivan
Batt. Adjt., 1st Lieut, Edwin M. Thorp
Batt. Adjt., 1st Lieut, Chandler P. Chapman
Surgeon, Maj. Theodore W. Evans
Asst. Surgeon, 1st Lieut. Joseph B. Whiting. Jr
Asst Surgeon, 1st Lieut. John R. McDill
Quartermaster, 1st Lieut. Marshal C. Forrest
Chaplain, Capt. Charles E. Varney

Company Officers:

Captain, Daniel H. Flannigian
1st Lieut., Anton Kummer
2nd Lieut., Oscar W. Michaelson


1st, H.R. Edward Kummer
Q.M. Henry S. Campbell
William A. Hugill
Thomas A. O’Neill
Guy B. Stott
Frank E. Bordner


Theron S. Beers
Frank A. Greene
William A. Cox
Hugh Clary
F.F. McConnell
Archie R. Taylor


Julius C. Pfeifer
James E. Maynard


John B. Gillespie


Oliver Malott


Artt, Floyd
Baltzer, William G
Bartle, Lester P.,    Transferred To Div. Hospital June 14
Barry, John
Bates, Samuel
Blades, James
Bruner, Merve M.
Campbell, William A
Carlile, Joseph (*)
Churchill, Charles
Chapbell, Herbert,  Died June 14th, 1898, In Hospital.
Clark, David
Clarke, William A
Cowley, Edward
Cutting, Leroy S
Dunbar, James
Dunbar, George A., Cook
Dunbar, William
Evans, Iver H
Farmer, James H
Fulp, Harry
Gasslander, Elmer
Gille, Henry P
Grant John F
Hagerty, George F
Harvey, Jess H
Hillary, Albert V
Hogg, Edward
Huntington, Roy C.,   Trans. To Div. Hospital June 14
Kaump, Fred
Kunert, George
Knight, Charles S
Knorr, Levi
Lappin, John J (*)
Lidgett, Fred
Maguire, James
Mason, Clarence
McGrath, Thomas
McNulty, Thomas
Nelson, Alex
Nelson, Ereneus
Noble, William N
Olson, David
O’Shaughnessy, Michael B
Parker, Edward J
Pierce, William
Pitts, William P,   Transferred To Div. Hospital June 14
Ptizen, W. Fred
Priestly, William
Robbins, Frank M
Rogers, Fred
Richardson, Alexander
Riley, Thomas
Sargean, Homer
Sanders, Clayton
Saucerman, Clarence H
Schwartz, John W
Southwick, Fred N
Swearingen, Arthur E
Taylor, Fred E
Underwood, Fred L
Van Matre, Harry, Cook
Vickers, Albert
Vickers, George

(Two of the names have the (*) behind them.  This was placed because the contributor could not be absolutely certain about the spelling of the names because the document is torn or folded in these locations.)


Roster is a memorial roster found in the papers of Charles Churchill who served with the company.

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