Roster of the First Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. H

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The following is a roster of Company H of the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.  Company H was from Monroe, Wisconsin.

The Roster:

Company Officers:

Captain Fred F. West
First Lieutenant Mathias C. Durst
Second Lieutenant Fred W. Buehler


First Sergeant Joseph R. Byers
Quartermaster Sergeant Frank A. Shriner
Sergeant Fred T. Odell
Sergeant Fred O. Phillips
Sergeant Rudolph Schober
Sergeant Arthur Musselman


Lewis Dodge
George Meythaler
Louis Becker
Gottlieb Wittwer
John German
Burton Bridge
Barney Flinsberg
Arthur Odell
Frank Luchsinger
 Matthew C. Putnam
John Ilsley
Fred Burke


Benjamin Byers
Lewis E. Rood


Hiram Rolph


Allen, Charles A.
Allen, Clarence K.
Austin, Rolland M.
Baird, Vet
Baldwin, Earnest
Bohnhoff, Fred C.
Bayerhoffer, Edward
Blotz, Jacob
Blotz, John M.
Booker, Albert L.
Babler, Ezra
Benson, Jerry J.
Burrington, Edward H.
Brunet, Abelardo
Cain, Delta D.
Campbell, Perry E.
Copeland, Edwin B.
Coryell, Michael
Dawson, Jesse
Durgin, Arthur N.
Durgin, George A.
Duebendorfer, Edward
Dietz, Stanley
Dunaway, Lewis A.
Faust, Joseph
Fessenden, Archie
Goddard, Wilber
Goddard, Harry
Gleason, George
Gritzmaker, Julius S.
Grossert, William
Hodges, James W.
Hoesly, Samuel
Hill, Louie W.
Howard, Edward L.
Hoyland, William B.
Indermuehle, Henry
Karlen, Alfred
Keller, Fred
Klassy, Henry
Kline, Charles
Kubly, Jacob
Lentzkow, Herman
Levitan, Max
Lovelace, Carl
Matson, Mat
Maylord, Harry
McBride, Fred
Mitchell, John
McPhillips, Thomas
Nee, William
Nee, Frank
Noble, Clyde
Pascoe, William
Pierce, Frank
Pfeiffer, Charles C.
Pollock, Benjamin
Phillips, Charles E.
Ramey, George E.
Rolly, William
Ruegg, Karl
Schroeder, Oscar H.
Schroeder, Henry
Schuetze, William A.
Seltzer, Henry
Shipman, Harry D.
Schindler, Henry J.
Slater, William F.
Sommerfeldt, Herman
Sommerfeldt, Herman R.
Stalcup, Frank
Schober, Otto
Schuler, Henry
Schoenfield, Edwin
Saucerman, Willard
Sullivan, William
Walker, George
Wollenberg, Charles
White, John
Zuck, Frank


Priv. Earl Camp to Hospital corps.
Priv, William Glascott to Hospital corps


Wagoner Appleton Taft of Monticello, aged 42 years, died at Jacksonville, Aug. 18, 1898, of typhoid fever.  Buried at Monticello.

Priv. Andrew Nelson of Browntown, aged 28 years, died at Jacksonville, Aug. 24, 1898, of typhoid fever.  Buried at Wiota, Lafayette County, WI *

Priv. Alfred B. Murray of Brodhead, aged 27 years, died at Brodhead, Oct 8, 1898, of typhoid fever.   Buried at Brodhead.

* Later re-buried at Union Grove Cemetery, Darlington, Lafayette Co., WI


"Wisconsin Troops in the Spanish War"  reprinted from The Sentinel Almanac and Book Of Facts for the year 1899.

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