Roster of the First Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. G

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The following is a roster of Company G of the 1st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.  Company G was from Madison, Wisconsin.

The Roster:

Company Officers:

Captain  - Henry W. Quentmeyer
First Lieutenant – Henry C. Baker
Second Lieutenant – John P. Joachim


Quartermaster Sergeant – Robert E. Lee
Duty Sergeant – William Klein
Duty Sergeant – Arne Korsmo
Duty Sergeant – Andrew Matson
Duty Sergeant – John C. Baker


Edward P. Wilson
James W. O’Connel
Adolph F. Schmidt
John J. Meier
Warren E. Neye
John P. Johnson
Paul Newman
Charles S. Ainsworth
Clinton G. Price
Elisha W. Helm
Dana Sandell
Henry W. Schuette


Jake F. Fahringer
William L. Gillette


Benny Flisrand


August Hellerstedt


Adamson, James A.
Anderson, Barney
Anderson, Louis M.
Angell, William H.
Bauer, Benjamin F.
Bartels, James
Beyler, Herman H.
Bibbs, John
Boyd, Thomas
Brown, La Verne A.
Case, Henry C.
Check, Frank
Cleveland, Benjamin
Colenso, James E.
Conohan, John
Cook, Sprague S.
Cooley, Henry
Coyne, William H.
Cullinan, Michael J.
Cunningham, David G.
Davis, John A.
Donlin, John P.
Dudgeon, Mathew S.
Elmerson, Herbert D.
Fitzpatrick, Terrence
Getts, Royal W.
Gill, Vincent G.
Gleason, Arthur E.
Goggin, John W.
Gould, William W.
Harrid, Hans
Hendrickson, Karl S.
Henkes, David A.
Hessing, Lawrence
Hippenmeyer, Andrew
James, Edward
Janeck, Oscar E.
Johnson, Andrew I.
Johnson, Mont G.
Kelly, Frank J.
Lacey, James
Lamp, Albert T.
Lavin, Ambrose
Lawson, George L.
Link, Frank
Lochner, Michael H.
Lund, George G.
McCann, John F.
Meyer, John C.
Mithcell, William H.
Montgomery, Charles B.
Morrill, Fred H.
Mosher, Edward
Niemann, Edward
O’Bryan, James
O’Connell, Martin J.
Oldenburg, Ernest C.
Pratt, Claude
Redel, Robert A.
Reed, John W.
Reuter, Emil A.
Rice, John S.
Rietberger, Charles J.
Riley, Michael I.
Rinder, Edward C.
Rogers, Guy
Scheibel, Rudolph
Schilling, George E.
Schutts, Walter F.
Smelker, Roy C.
Stockett, Norman
Taylor, John H.
Wallace, Joseph W.
Walton, Bertram I.
Williamson, Alfred
Wolf, Frederick H.
Younger, John


Priv. Lawrence A. Curtiss, commissioned second lieutenant, regular army
Priv. John Lundbert to Hospital service.


Priv. Benjamin F. Hart of Oregon, (WI) died at Jacksonville, Aug 5, 1898, of peritonitis. Buried at Oregon.

Corp. Claude D. Milward of Madison, died at Jacksonville, Aug. 18, 1898 of typhoid fever. Buried at Madison.

Corp. Roy Mayhard of Madison, died at Jacksonville, Aug. 20, 1898, from dysentery. Buried at Madison


"Wisconsin Troops in the Spanish War"  reprinted from The Sentinel Almanac and Book Of Facts for the year 1899.

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