The Colt Model 1895 Automatic Machine Gun Used by Marines at Guantanamo

Contributed by Doug Howser

Original Navy Colt Model 1895 Machine Gun, mounted on a tripod. This weapon was used by the Marines at Guantanamo. (Image courtesy of the Doug Howser Collection)
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This particular Colt Automatic Machine Gun, Model 1895, saw use during the Spanish American War by the Marines of the Battleship Texas, and by the 1st Marine Battalion (Reinforced) at Guantanamo, Cuba.


This particular weapon bears the serial number 99. The U.S. Navy registry of  Colt Automatic Machine Guns. The navy records indicate that the gun was purchased on July 8, 1897 and was issued to the U.S.S. TEXAS. The records also indicate that the weapon was "Transferred to Marine Corps from Texas at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba June 12, 1898" and was returned in March, 1899. The TEXAS had two of these guns, and was issued two carriages and one tripod. 

Howser, Doug - Photo and information

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