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The United States Navy

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Naval Actions

The Sinking of USS Merrimac ||| The Cruise of the Oregon

The Battle of Manila Bay ||| The Battle of Santiago ||| The Capture of Guam 

The Action at Guantanamo ||| The Puerto Rican Naval Campaign

Cutting the Cables at Cienfuegos  ||| The "HARVARD Incident"

The Spanish American War in Egyptian Waters

The Yosemite-Purissima Concepcion Incident

The Naval Action at Manzanillo, Cuba

Admiral Cervera's Comparison of the Spanish and American Navies 

Ship Profiles

USS Albatross ||| USS Alvarado

USS Albatross ||| USS Amphitrite ||| USS Annapolis

 USS Baltimore ||| USS Boston

USS Brooklyn ||| USS Castine

 USS Charleston ||| USS Cincinnati

USS Columbia

USS Concord ||| USS Culgoa

 USS Detroit ||| USS Dixie

USS Dolphin ||| USS Gloucester ||| USS Harvard

USS Hist ||| USS Helena ||| USS Iowa ||| USS Indiana

 USS Massachusetts ||| USS Maine

USS Marblehead ||| USRC McCulloch ||| USS Merrimac

USS Miantonomoh

USS Monocacy  ||| USS Monterey ||| Nanshan ||| USS New York

USS Olympia ||| USS Oregon ||| USS Petrel ||| USS Prairie ||| USS Raleigh

USS St. Paul and USS St. Louis ||| Solace (hospital ship) ||| USS Terror

USS Texas ||| USS Vesuvius ||| USS Winslow ||| Yankee ||| USS Yosemite


U.S. Marine Corps

The 1st Marine Battalion

List of U.S. Navy & Marine Personnel Killed

Pay Rates for U.S. Marine Corps Personnel

Roster of the Marine Guard of the BROOKLYN

Roster of the Marine Guard of the HARVARD

Roster of the Marine Guard of the HELENA

Roster of the Marine Guard of the NEW YORK


U.S. Army Transport Service, and the troops they carried

The United States Navy Colliers Purchased for Service in the War

The United States Revenue Cutter Service in the Spanish American War

The United States Light House Service in the Spanish American War

Feeding the Navy

Spanish Vessels Captured by the United States Navy and Sold as Prizes

Pay Rates for U.S. Navy Personnel

ist of U.S. Navy & Marine Personnel Killed

Ship Illustrations

Ships of the US Navy ||| USS Atlanta ||| USS Bancroft

USS Harvard/USS Yale ||| USS Katahdin

USS Minneapolis ||| USS Montgomery ||| USS Newark ||| USS New Orleans

USS Philadelphia ||| USS Philadelphia  ||| USS Puritan ||| USS San Francisco

USS Stiletto 

Diagrams of damage to American vessels at Battle of Santiago de Cuba

USS Brooklyn ||| USS Iowa

Map of Battle of Santiago de Cuba, July 3 1898

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