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U.S.S. OLYMPIA Commemorative Medal

By Patrick McSherry

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Medals made from the Cruiser Olympia's propellers

The Cruiser OLYMPIA Association initially issued commemorative medals made from the propellers of the OLYMPIA in the 1960's. It is not known how many were produced.

The front side (right, above) has the statement "YOU MAY FIRE WHEN YOU ARE READY GRIDLEY" around the top. At the bottom is the statement "U.S.S. OLYMPIA." The OLYMPIA is depected in the center.

The reverse side (left, above) has the statement "MADE FROM PROPELLER OF ADMIRAL DEWEY'S FLAGSHIP WHICH SERVED IN THE BATTLE OF MANILA BAY." Below is the date of the battle, "MAY 1 , 1898." The image at the top is of one of the OLYMPIA's propellers.

The medals were produced in two sizes - the coin size depicted above, and in a medallion that is approximately three inches in diameter.

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