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A Gun from the Infanta Maria Teresa in Lowell, Massachusetts

Contributed by Richard Sweeney


The following images are of a gun which, according to the plaque on the gun, was taken from the wreckage of the Spanish Cruiser VIZCAYA. More in-depth research by Richard Sweeney and Al Sumrall has indicated that the gun actually came from the Spanish Flagship at the Battle of Santiago, the INFANTA MARIA TERESA. The weapon was manufactured by Nordenfelt. The gun appears to be a 57 mm gun, Mark II gun, one of eight carried by the vessel.

Today, the gun rests outside of the Pollard Memorial Library in Lowell, Massachusetts. The gun is on the side of the building that faces Merrimack Street. The gun still shows damage received in the Battle of Santiago.

The Gun:

Side View of 57 mm gun from Spanish Cruiser Vizcaya in Lowell, MA

This is an image of the gun as seen from the side. The base of the gun is engraved as follows on the bronze ring:

"Maria Teresa"
"Battle of Santiago"
  "July 3rd, 1898"

From view of 57mm gun from Cruiser Vizcaya, Lowell, MA

In the upper right, damage can be seen on the gun's shield from the fire of the American guns. The shot came from behind, so we can assume that this gun may have been on the ship's starboard side, the side that faced away from the American squadron. The damage appears to be from a shell approximately the size of a 5 inch projectile.

Plaque from gun from Spanish Cruiser Vizcaya, Lowell, MA

This is the plaque that appears on the gun. It reads ""Taken from the Spanish Cruiser "VIZCAYA" after the Naval Battle at Santiago - July 3d 1898 - Presented by Charles H. Allen Assistant Secretary U.S. Navy - June 1899" Interestingly, the plaque is in error (see inscription on gun, quoted above)


Mortera, Artemio - Gun caliber and mark confirmation.

Summral, Al, correspondence with editor.

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