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According to Direct (prior to 9/17/03) and (after 9/17/03):

Number of hits from 7/8/09 - 7/14/09: 31,901 hits from 16,086 Individuals

Total hits since 3/24/00 to 2009: 17,757,750 hits from 7,200,429 Individuals

Number of names added to the Spanish American War Gravesite Recording Project before 2004: 2,001; in 2004: 1,352; in 2005: 2,791
in 2006: 1,611; 2007: 3030; 2008: 3,760; 2009: 491
; 2020: 2099

Total graves listed on Spanish American War Gravesite Recording Project = 17,135

We had our 17,000,000th hit on 3/5/09!! It took 4 months

We had our 16,000,000th hit on 10/23/08!! It took 4 months

We had our 15,000,000th hit on 6/10/08!! It took 4 months

We had our 14,000,000th hit on 2/15/08!! It took 4 months

We had our 13,000,000th hit on 10/10/07!! It took 5 months

We had our 12,000,000th hit on 5/17/07!! It took 4 months

We had our 11,000,000th hit on 1/22/07!! It took 4 months

We had our 10,000,000th hit on 9/18/06!! It took 5 months

We had our 9,000,000th hit on 4/28/06!! It took 4 months

We had our 8,000,000th hit on 1/6/06!! It took 5 months.

We had our 7,000,000th hit on 7/31/05!! It took 5 months.

We had our 6,000,000th hit on 2/19/05!! It took 6 months.

We had our 5,000,000th hit on 9/6/04!! It took 7 months.

We had our 4,000,000th hit on 2/11/04!! It took 9 months.

We had our 3,000,000th hit on 5/5/03!! It took 13 months.

We had our 2,000,000th hit on 3/28/02!!  It took 11 months.

We had our 1,000,000th hit since we started tracking (3/24/00) on April 18, 2001!! It took 13 months!

(The website now numbers over 1,265 individual webpages)
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